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General Terms


This document contains the General terms according to which yourtutor.us provides Services to its users through its platform yourtutor.us.

These General Terms represent a legal agreement between you personally (“you“) and “YourTutor” LLC, with seat and business address at: 8 The Green, Ste A, Dover, DE 19901 (Yourtutor.us).

Yourtutor.us expresses its will to give you the right to use the Platform and its content only in a manner specified below, in your favor, and only when the following cumulative conditions are met:

  1. You are a User of Yourtutor.us and you have accepted the General Terms according to which you have the right to use the Platform of Yourtutor.us in a manner specified in these conditions;
  2. The legal agreement between you and Yourtutor.us is in force, valid and not terminated.

You accept the General Terms by registering in the Platform and pressing the button “Sign up” specified below, by which it is deemed that you agree to be bound by the General Terms. Any other form of installation, activation or use of the Platform or its content shall also be considered as acceptance of the General Conditions, and in this case, Yourtutor.us reserves the right to ask the user to stop using the Platform or the corresponding part of its Content.

For minors, the acceptance of the general terms, registration and necessary payments shall be made by their legal representatives on their behalf, while for underage children, those actions shall be performed with the consent of their legal representatives.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the General Conditions, please contact us at: office@yourtutor.us.

Rules of the Platform Use

YourTutor LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Provider“), as the creator and owner of this platform Yourtutor.us, gives you the right to load and view all materials published in this platform (hereinafter referred to as “Website“) for personal, non-commercial use only, on the condition that you follow all copyright requirements and the corresponding instructions. The materials published in this Website shall not be modified in any way, copied, publicly distributed or given away for any public or commercial purpose. The use of the materials published on this website in other websites is strictly prohibited. The materials published on this Website are protected by copyright and related rights, and any unauthorized use may be considered a violation of copyright, trademark rights or other regulations.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties

The materials and services provided on this Website are limited only to the conditions specified for them without any guarantees, including commercial or purpose-oriented. The obligations of Yourtutor.us regarding the products and services provided on this website are governed by the corresponding agreements with the importers and/or distributors of the offered products, and nothing in this Website can change them. Furthermore, Yourtutor.us does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the materials, software or services provided by this Website. Yourtutor.us has the right to make any changes in the published materials, services and prices at any time and without prior notice. Some of the published materials may be outdated, however, Yourtutor.us shall not bear any responsibility to update them. Some of the information published on this Website may refer to products, services or programs which are currently unavailable. For more information about the available products, please contact us at the addresses specified in the “Contacts” section.


If the use of this Website or its content by you leads to any damages requiring repair or maintenance of the equipment or information, YOU shall take all responsibility and cover all expenses for the incurred damage.

Software Use

The Software available through the links published on this Website is copyrighted and property of the corresponding developers and/or their suppliers and partners. Before using the software, please read the terms and conditions specified by its owners.

Information from Users

Yourtutor.us does not ask for any confidential or protected information from you to be delivered through this Website. All materials, information or other messages delivered or sent from this Website shall not be deemed confidential or subject to any rights. The personal information you may voluntarily send to Yourtutor.us in order to use the products and services provided by this website is protected by the Personal Data Protection Act. You shall not display or send from or to this website any illegal, offensive, slanderous, indecent, pornographic or any other information that violates the applicable legislation. Yourtutor.us uses personal information in order to better understand your needs and interests, and in order to provide you better services. Sometimes we use the information submitted by you to help you place an order, make a transaction or to establish contact with you, to inform you about our products, services and offers, or to customize promotional offers.

Yourtutor.us records the data of the user’s training – statistics of user’s activity in the system, test results, video and audio recordings of lessons, paperworks and their reviews, questions and answers to and by the teachers or to and by the employees of Yourtutor.us, as well as other related data. Any data from the user’s training that is not deemed personal by law may be used by Yourtutor.us during the customer training.

We do not sell, rent, lease or provide in any other way your personal information to third parties.

The users may post comments on this website about the offered products. Yourtutor.us shall not take any responsibility, by any means and under any circumstances, for the accuracy of the published information and politeness and responsibility of the users who have posted comments. Responsibility for the accuracy of the published information. Yourtutor.us reserves the right to delete comments irrelevant to the topic or posted in languages other than Bulgarian.

Each registered user agrees to receive unsolicited commercial messages from YourTutor LLC and its representatives.

Links to this Website

You can create links to this Website from other websites, but only after you accept the conditions of Yourtutor.us. For more information on this matter, please contact us the addresses specified in the “Contacts” section.

Changes in Prices of the Products

Yourtutor.us has the right to change the prices at its sole discretion, at any time, without any prior notice to the users. The user shall pay the current price at the time of signing the contract. In case of technical errors in the content published on the website, Yourtutor.us has the right to repudiate the contract, and shall not pay the user any compensation, other than returning the amounts paid by the user, if any.

The message for reduced prices includes the new price specified near the crossed out old price. If there is no term specified for the reduced price, this price applies until the products are available.


All names, signs and symbols of products published on this website are trademarks, copyrighted and property of their owners.

General Notes

Yourtutor.us manages this Website from its office in 8 The Green, Ste A, Dover, DE 19901. Yourtutor.us may change these Terms at any time, and update the publication date after the change. We recommend visiting this page from time to time to review the current Conditions because they are binding to you.

Providing of services by Yourtutor.us

Yourtutor.us doesn’t enter into any contract with the users of the platform or the tutors of the platform

Yourtutor.u s is just a provider of the software (a virtual classroom) for which it collects some commissions for the use of its software. Yourtutor.us is not a party between the tutors and the users for providing an educational service.

The tutors at Yourtutor.us enter into a contract with the users (students) and they are responsible for providing the promised service and all legal requirements and taxes for this contract.

Yourtutor.us also act the role of an agent for the tutors and collects the money form their clients and transfer it to them after the deducting our costs.

Rejection of Goods

You, as consumer, have the right to reject the ordered goods or services within 7 business days from receving the goods/services, on the condition that they have not been used, the integrity of the package has not been compromised, and the package has been kept in the condition it has been delivered in.

When refunding money to accounts in foreign or local banks, you shall pay all fees for the bank transfer.

When arranging a group/course, the minimum payment is for at least 20 classes.

Missed Classes

In case of group training, the amounts paid for missed classes are not refunded. The user may be provided with a recording of the lesson to make up for the missed material.

In case of individual training, the classes are deemed held, and the participants do not have to pay for them, if the following conditions are met:

  1. The user has notified his/her teacher at the previous csession;
  2. The user has notified his/her teacher via email no later than 12 hours before the lesson.

If neither of the two conditions is met, it is deemed that the user has taken the lesson and must pay for it.

For the students under the age of 18, notifications are accepted only from their parents or legal guardians.

The owner of My Education Club is

Education Club Ltd 

Address: 34 Georgi Minchev str. Sofia Bulgaria

Representatives: Kaloian Kirilov