What is the benefit of MEC?

When you have a problem or need advice you call a friend. MEC will help you to establish new friendships and connections based on the people‘ skills and interests so that you have somebody to call to when you need an advice

What is P2P?

Peer to peer learning is a system where people learn from each other in a not formal way. We believe that everybody knows something and nobody knows everything so let’s together learn more.

Do I have to pay?

No, the platform is completely free for all users. Just register and based on the provided filters or thanks our matching algorithm you will find your study buddy.

How do we teach each other?

You can do it either online through skype, zoom, etc. or you can meet if you are in the same city. We leave it totally up to you to choose the best way.

How does the platform work?

Register and state the skills you have and the new skills or knowledge, which you want to acquire. Then, thanks to our unique matching algorithm, or through the filters, you will find a friend who has the knowledge/skill you are looking for. Then you start discussing with him. For example you want to learn Chinese and in exchange can teach English the other person or you have legal questions, but you can offer to create a logo.

What about if I cannot find the perfect match?

You can always find a person which has the knowledge/skills you need and pay him with your tokens. That’s why it is important to accumulate tokens.

How to be sure that a member really has the knowledge he claims?

You cannot before the first meeting/talk take place and that’s why it is very important when you get in touch with a particular member to leave a review and a rating under his/her profile. This way you will help the next member who gets in touch with him/her and you will benefit from the reviews, which other people have left for the member you are interested in.