Peer to Peer


“Nobody knows everything,

but everyone knows something”

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Video and online courses

 dont work for you?

You want to learn

useful skills and knowledge?

You know that the best way is to

learn with a friend?

Then  is for you!

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is the first smart learning platform in Bulgaria which gives you the ability to exchange your knowledge for new skills.

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Choose from all the registered members and 

exchange knowledge!

If it doesnt work out – you can always change your choice.

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Register at Pick the skills you have and are ready to share, as well as what you are interested in learning. Join peer to peer learning right now!

In order to make sharing knowledge easier, the platform has an internal currency – TOKENS. The more knowledge you share, the more tokens you will have. Exchange them for learning new skills and vice versa!

Register and receive 5 tokens for starting out!

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Why use   right away?

Save time

and money

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Make new

useful contacts

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Gain useful skills

and knowledge

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